Maybe You’re Just Not That Into Him

So in the past month, I’ve shared two kisses with two different people.

These kisses have been totally different, poles apart. One was great- imaginary fireworks were popping in the distance, great chemistry, the works. The other one? Well…

It was pretty awkward.

Apart from these moments being shared with different people (which may have something to do with this I suppose…), the main difference was that for one kiss I was sober, and for the other one I was, well, slightly less than sober.

I had a quick google about this, and it turns out I’m not alone. Other people have trouble kissing sober too. Someone theorised that it’s about the vulnerability that you show while kissing- this act is familiar in a way that others aren’t.

It’s so frustrating- I’ve been on three dates with this guy and that very awkward sober kiss was the culmination of the third date. He ticks every proverbial box on my list; funny, charming, polite, interesting, into photography (big plus for me), same political views as I have, same sense of humour, etcetera etcetera, but something’s missing.

There’s something that I’ve known in theory for a long time but never actually experienced, and it’s potentially one of the biggest pitfalls of online dating. Someone can be absolutely perfect for you on paper, but there’s no way to tell if that will translate to wanting to snog ’em when you actually bring the conversation into real life.

So how should I move forward? At first, I wasn’t sure if I just maybe didn’t know this guy well enough, and thought that maybe my attraction would grow for him the more time we spent together.

Since then, I’ve discovered that that’s not really how it works for me. A couple of weeks ago I visited a chiropractor (nothing serious, just a knot in my back) thinking that it was most likely I’d see an older professional, nothing too exciting.

I was wrong.

Tall, dark haired, a short fringe flopping across his forehead, muscular, smiley… *sigh*

I instantly felt something I never did with the guy I’d been dating, and now I know- there’s nothing wrong with me, I just wasn’t that into him.

Thanks for reading.



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