Festive Cheer


So I was (and still am) doing vlogmas, or a video every day in December. But the last couple of days I’ve been feeling less than inspired, and yesterday produced a video that I wasn’t overly proud of. It was fine, just a little montage of a glittery gold bath bomb getting my bath well and truly messy! It was pretty, and I got some good looking shots, but it wasn’t really meaningful, or even very entertaining.

And I want what I’m putting out into the world to be great, or at least good- but not just fine.

So with that in mind, if I’m not feeling particularly like a video producer I’m going to indulge my creativity in another way, by writing or maybe doing a bit of photography, both things I enjoy and would do well to improve my skills at.

Today I had a few nice interactions, and I thought maybe (if this gets any readers) it would be nice to spread a bit of cheer here.

I had to get the bus into town, because I wanted to buy and send a couple of birthday cards to two friends, and send a couple of books and a postcard to another. I almost missed the bus, and wasn’t at the bus stop when it came around the corner, but I waved and gestured at the driver and he pulled over! That got me off to a good start because some drivers go past even when you are standing in the right place.

The bus journey was pretty; the sun was low and golden light was spilling through the dusty windows. My first stop was the book shop. I wanted to look at the business advice books after a stream of thoughts that may be forgotten, or may be remembered as the day I had the best idea of my career so far. I didn’t buy the book- I’ll visit the library first and see what’s on offer there. Can’t afford to be wasting money if I’m about to start a business(!)

The siren call of McDonald’s pulled me off course and I had to get a hot drink- they were calling this one a Spiced Cookie Latte. While I was waiting for my number to be called, a lot of other numbers were shouted out. Order number 001 was never claimed, and they stopped calling for it after a while. Then a couple came in. I saw their receipt and it was 001, which wasn’t visible on the screen anymore. I told them it’d been called, and they were very pleased to pick up their food! Writing about this deed probably nullifies it, but it made me feel good. There is an argument that there is no such thing as a selfless act, because the act itself rewards the perpetrator in that gratifies them. But perhaps this is a subject for another blog post.

Next stop was the card shop. Just after I walked in, a lady knocked a display and notebooks fell off the table near me. After I’d picked some up and turned away, she called me back. She was trying to buy something for her son’s new girlfriend, who she’d never met and was apparently about my age- she wanted to know whether she should buy the more formal, leather looking notebook or a more colourful one, with images of maps all over it. I suggested the more colourful one, imagining that the lady would be able to say to her guest that she thought of her travelling all the way here for a visit and that she might enjoy the mapped notebook. The lady said that she’d already bought a golden pen, and that that would go with the notebook, and so she bought that one.

This last encounter was one that I wasn’t too sure of; while I was walking back home from the bus stop, someone called my name from behind me.

It was a guy who I’d talked to once for less than 15 minutes over a month ago while walking back from another bus stop. Not sure how he remembered me (and the book I was reading at the time), because I’m awful at names and can’t even comprehend remembering one of a person I didn’t know for that long. None the less, it’s nice to be remembered. If I go missing look for that guy though.




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  1. Lauren, thanks for the follow. I’ve been unemployed several times in my long life. Now at 83, I write. i hope to publish my first book in. At least writing wards off Alzheimers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. laureneyre says:

      Wow that’s amazing! Thank you for the comment, I look forward to reading more of your work soon! L


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